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(Archive) Exploring the Paradox of Fashion

Speakers, pop-up shop and clothing repair

This project was part of DDW 2023
Paradox of Fashion — © Marijke Timmerman

You're invited to a seminar on October 25th where we'll explore the "Paradox of Fashion." This event is a gathering for designers, innovators in sustainable textiles, and anyone interested in the complexities of sustainability in fashion.


During the seminar, our speakers will delve deep into the paradoxes they encounter in the world of fashion, discussing their unique contributions to making the textile industry more sustainable. They will unravel the complexities and inspire new thoughts while talking about how we can make practical changes for a better future.

Paradox of Fashion originates from Marijke Timmerman's book, the founder of The Wardrobe Flip. It invites reflection on what it means to be both a fashion enthusiast and a conscious consumer.

Pop-up Store and Clothing Repair

Besides the seminar, there's a pop-up shop where you can buy sustainable clothing and accessories. You also have the opportunity to have your clothing repaired by De Naaierij. Don't forget to bring your damaged clothes!


Marijke Timmerman - 'The Wardrobe Flip' and 'Paradox of Fashion'
Nick Caliari - 'Race Against Waste' and 'Caliari’s Thrift'
Yetunde Olusanya - 'YATVA (Yetunde & The Vintage Alternatives)'
Birgit Winters - 'BRII Studio'
Isabel van der Meijde - 'De Naaierij'

Language: English
Admission: Free

Seminar: 14:00 - 15:30
Pop-up shop: 13:30 - 16:00