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You Are in My Story

Filming together with resident Monique — © Wei-Li Wong

This documentary was created by filmmaker Floor Hofman in collaboration with residents of a residential care facility for people with developmental disabilities. During her stay of several months in the facility, Floor provided residents with cameras to capture moments in their daily lives.

Telling Stories Together

The aim of this project, conducted as part of an artist-in-residence program, was to get to know the residents' views of the world. Next to providing residents with cameras, Floor also conducted interviews with residents, parents, and caretakers, gathering diverse perspectives to help in understanding the meaning of the residents' recorded moments. This collaborative project led Floor, along with the caretakers and parents, to rethink their expectations. The resulting documentary, ‘You Are in My Story,’ portrays this process, incorporating footage filmed by the residents themselves. Through their recordings, viewers are invited into a world where vulnerability and resilience intertwine.

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About Floor Hofman

Floor Hofman is a documentary filmmaker, designer, and passionate interviewer. She co-creates with various cultural and social groups to tell stories.

Floor shows the camera to resident Rufino — © Wei-Li Wong

Floor interviews resident Monique and her boyfrien

Resident Monika films her daily life with her iPad — © Floor Hofman

Footage shot by resident Monique — © Monique