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Jodie BĂ©card

While studying sports associations in France, one sport stood out: para-hockey. In this hockey variant, players sit in a sled and use hockey sticks to navigate on ice or on wheels.

How could we redesign sports to include all bodies?

With semi-professional teams and amateur clubs, this sport grows community bonds. It also reaches a large audience of disabled and able-bodied athletes.

The existing standardised equipment does not meet the unique needs of each player. Working closely with a parasports amateur club, Saleh and Bécard came up with a flexible, affordable open-source hockey sled. The designers reimagined the materials and the production of sports gear. Instead of using standard moulded parts, they employed cutting and folding methods like those used in crafting patterns and tailoring. The aesthetics of the sled were also reconsidered, mainly by drawing inspiration from urban sports equipment – gear that is meant for the outdoors and serves as a means of self-expression for the athlete.

About Reem Saleh

Reem Saleh and Jodie BĂ©card are industrial designers based in Paris. Saleh uses various pop culture media, such as product and graphic design, video games and writing, to tell stories of solidarity between people. BĂ©card focuses on material research and pre-/post-industrial techniques to envision ne