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(Archive) Dutch Design Dinner

Creative Chef & Design Perron serve a Dutch Design Dinner with special guests Ineke Hans and Carole Baijings.

This project was part of DDW 2023

concept vs craft
3 courses | 3 designers | 3 stories
special guests Ineke Hans & Carole Baijings

An inspiring dinner with good fresh food and delicious design!

di. 24 okt. Ineke Hans, Joni Veizaj en Cathy Wolter
vr. 27 okt. Carole Baijings, Jan Puylaert en Rinske van den Heuvel

Creative Chef & Design Perron serve a Dutch Design Dinner

In 2023, Design Perron will celebrate its 10th edition as an exhibition location at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Former exhibitor Creative Chef, Jasper Udink ten Cate and Design Perron are joining forces to celebrate this and will serve a Dutch Design Dinner at Fuutlaan 12 on October 24 and 27.

concept versus craft

The Dutch Design Dinner has the theme 'concept versus craft'.
In addition to the specially designed 3-course dinner from the Creative Chef Studio, old and young Design Perron talent will tell their story about their craft and concepts they come up with.

On Tuesday, October 24, former Design Perron exhibitor Joni Veizaj, new talent Cathy Wolter and Ineke Hans will tell their story.

On Friday October 27 you can listen to former Design Perron exhibitor Jan Puylaert from Ecopixel, new talent Rinske van den Heuvel and Carole Baijings.

The founders of the Design Perron and the Creative Chef also share their stories these evenings.

creative chef studio

Creative Chef, Jasper Udink ten Cate gives you a completely new view on food and experience. After his first exhibition on the Design Perron, trend watchers picked up on his creative way of preparing and presenting food and since then his special food performances, in which he combines concept, art and design, has been picked up all over the world. He has already had several beautiful exhibitions at the New York Metropolitan and serves his creative dinners on location worldwide.

young talent
Every year, the Design Perron organizes exhibitions of young designers, new talent and design collectives during the Dutch Design Week on the Fuutlaan in Eindhoven. Young talent from national and international academies are given the opportunity to present themselves to the world, often for the first time.

Join us for the Dutch Design Dinner
Hungry? Then join this fantastic dining experience where fun people, design stories, food, craft, and concept come together. Reservations can be made via the website

€ 65,- p/p for a 3-course dinner inclusive drinks
Design Perron, Fuutlaan 12, Eindhoven