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(Archive) Over Intelligentie

This project was part of DDW 2023

Every day at 3 PM Waag Futurelab dives into a different form of intelligence with different experts in the speaker programme 'About Intelligence'.

About the programme

We need to talk about intelligence. Developments around artificial intelligence seem to be happening at lightning speed. So fast, in fact, that some speak of a true revolution. AI would be able to do everything better than humans in the future and therefore pose an existential threat. With that assumption, the technology disciples at Waag Futurelab set to work. What is intelligence anyway?

The more abstract the knowledge, the more intelligent, is often the assumption. But intelligence is much more diverse. For instance, what about our emotional and social intelligence? Can algorithms be intelligent? Come into the Futuredome at Waag Futurelab and broaden your view on intelligence. Find out what artificial and natural intelligences are, and why we need them all.

Speaker programme:

Saturday 21 October: Alvin Arthur

Monday 23 October: Socrates Schouten

Tuesday 24 October: Jonmar van Vlijmen, the Weedkeeper

Thursday 26 October: Jan Zuiderveld

Friday 27 October: Sanne Koevoets

Saturday 28 October: Hannah Oul-Hadj + Janine Toussaint

Speaker programme

Saturday 21 October | individual intelligence
Speaker: Alvin Arthur, embodied e-learning entrepreneur & educator

Monday 23 October | collective intelligence
Socrates Schouten, commons expert

Tuesday 24 October | natural intelligence
Jonmar van Vlijmen, de Onkruidenier

Thursday 26 October | artificial intelligence
Jan Zuiderveld, artist, researcher and engineer in the field of Machine Learning

Friday 27 October | individual intelligence
Sanne Koevoets, media scientist

Saturday 28 October | collective intelligence
Hannah Oul-Hadj and Janine Toussaint, Studio Osdorperban