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(Archive) Palaeoart in Cyanotype

A cyanotype dress contemplating mass extinction and a headpiece made from the wool of the sheep living at bio art laboratories with Lyme Regis fossils

This project was part of DDW 2023
plain — © lauren raaijmakers

Lauren Raaijmakers is an artist from working with decay, collapse and resurrection. During her months of rest, the artist has been tracing the footsteps of scientists Mary Anning and Anna Atkins both born in 1799. Searching for fossils in Lyme Regis and producing photograms of plants.

Barren landscape

For the dress Lauren used the photographic cyanotype process.inspired by the works of Anna Atkins the botanist. Disclosing a history and future of decay and resurrection. The headpiece is made from the wool of the Ouessant sheep living at bio art laboratories. Embellished with fools gold (Pyrite) ammonite fossils found at Lyme Regis bay. Contemplating the discoveries by Mary Anning the paleontologist. Reflecting on the knowledge and skill that we lose through time and their situatedness. And admits this climate crisis, how can we overcome this crippling fear?
Will it help to fantasize about what will come after our demise, after microorganisms will have consumed our bodies? When layers of sediment apply their pressure in return. What creatures will arise and take over the landscape that in our mind is so barren?
Can this maybe soften our sorrow of seemingly lost futures?