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(Archive) FORMIDABLE LIGHTING | Textile & 3D Print

Particularly shaped lamps that were created by applying a new technique; recycled plastic is printed on textile by a robot arm.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Formidable 'Cocoon' — © Photographer: Pixabay

Handmade designs of Esseline are applied to textile using 3D printing technology. Hot plastic attaches itself to the textile during this process. The combination of these materials causes a tension that leads to beautiful organic forms.

In 2016, Esseline started investigating whether she could make a lamp using new technology. Many experiments followed; first with small-scale 3D printers and now with a large robot arm. Esseline is a Biomimicry designer. She draws her designs with nature

Formidabe 'Red Cocoon' Light — © Photographer: Trang Doan

Formidable 'Cocoon' in museum — © Photographer: Robin Schreiner

Formidable 'Cirkels' — © Esseline Keeven & HB|3D

Designer Esseline Keeven