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Technology gives humans Superpowers. The sky is the limit when designing our bodies, earth and our minds.

Manifestations - Superpowers

Nick Ervink - Nesurak

Robots, e-fashion en wearables, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Innovative names and Young Talents, the best of recent graduates of Dutch Art Academies. The newest fashion and wearables, botox, human mutations, Post apocalyptic design and more..

Manifestations is a 6000m2, Free entrance, festival of Art, Technology and Fun. We need Fun in our current world, where fear rules, to show people what is going on. Which role do we want technology to have in the future? Will the Future Design Us? Visit our website for the complete overview and program of kids - workshops, lectures and meet-ups. Supported by the Mondriaan Funds, Stimuleringsfunds, Cultuur Eindhoven, VSB funds, BrabantC and others.
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Manifestations - Art & Technology

Free Entrance, 3000m2 Art, Tech & Fun Daily tours, sign up organisatie [at]