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all photographs courtesy of project participants

Young Polish Designers: Studies in Reality

All week at Veem | Floor 2 | Strijp-S

The works by 28 freshly graduated Polish designers for creating a better society through design. The alumni from the design departments of eight public art schools show at Young Polish Designers: Studies in Reality their solutions to improve our world in a smart, aesthetic, and responsible way.

The topics of the exhibition: creating empathy for human diversity, reinforcing intergenerational relationships, research projects for the medical sector and rehabilitation, dealing with waste through creating and applying new materials or reinterpreting traditional crafts. Touching on social design, health and material science,

The participating public art schools:
• Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
• Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
• University of the Arts Poznan
• Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
• Strzemiński Academy of Art Lodz
• Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw
• Academy of Art in Szczecin
• Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

Sylwia Kruźlak

A toy that helps to heal a brachial plexus injury (tensed or bruised nerves near the shoulder) in a playful way.

Magdalena Michna-Czyrwik

Hydrotherapy station
A playful piece of garden design focused on all senses, especially made for children with disabilities

Dominika Jędrzejek

An easily attachable luggage system designed for a wheelchair.

Jan Garstka

Color palette for use in public spaces
A publication about a newly developed color palette that can be seen by everyone, even people with a color vision disorder.

Iwona Pieczara

A device that facilitates daily care and nursing. It helps with the process of lifting, transporting and moving people.

Martyna Piątek

I remember
A set for honoring the deceased in an ethical and aesthetically pleasing way

Marika Sadowska

UNusual Maxim
An illustrated story for children about a young boy’s life and his adventures while dealing with autism. The story shows the beautiful side of being different.

Anna Gwiazda

A set of toys to teach young children empathy towards diversity and help them see the world in a different light.

Olga Kozłowska

A jewelry design — a ring and two bracelets with magnets — to encourage physical interaction.

Rafał Zakrzewski

A sweatshirt that encourages hugging and physical contact.

Aleksandra Milewska

Does freedom really begin with an f?
A collection of jacquard fabrics that reflects on the restriction of freedom in the 21st century.

Emilia Biernacka

Mapping of remembered places
Unique coats that capture the memories and nostalgia of the designer.

Dorota Balewicz

The heritage of the designer's home region has inspired her to restore the tradition of weaving in a contemporary and versatile chair design.

Karolina Leśkow

Compact, multifaceted shoes that integrate several types of footwear in a handy, aesthetic form.

Paulina Kwiatkowska

Titanium, silicon, air
A collection of objects that improve indoor air quality by regulating
humidity and temperature, resulting in clean air.

Marek Kuźmiński

A material developed with coffee waste resulting in products appropriate for food preparation.

Jan Gliński

A free, downloadable, space saving design of furniture that users can assemble themselves according to the given instructions.

Patrycja Walaszek

A sailboat toy that teaches the theory of sailing using the basics of programming.

Aleksandra Łukasik

Play with fire
An acoustic furnace: reacting to music in flames

Sara Bos

Cranked orchestra
The project was inspired by the idea of the motions of the trumpet and violin and combines them.

Magdalena Cieślak

Laboratory of senses
A set of experimental dishes that allows you to intensify your meal experience.

Kasia Wasilewska

A fermentation set as a proposal to return to the Polish tradition of home-made fermented products.

Elżbieta Maruszczak

Accepting defects and increasing their value by taking control of their imperfection in form and intensity.

Katarzyna Król

A pair of smart sport pants with an application which supports healing.

Aleksander Kaszuba

Time capsule
A workshop program for seniors, consisting of cards and exercises to pass on memories between generations and self reflect on life.

Adam Zawiślak

Anchor expansion nail
A reinterpretation of the classic method of fixing with a nail. This nail splits into three parts, connecting different materials together.

Jarosław Hamryszczak

Designed by experiment
A psychophysical test using samples consisting of seven sets of samplers made of wood, porcelain, plastic and metal.