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Performative Dinner

Last Supper

Emma Miriam Berentsen
Theo Mcinnes (Huck Magazine)

After your busy DDW day is done, and the doors have closed to the exhibits, come join performance artist Emma Miriam Berentsen and literary organization Watershed to break bread over the story of your last supper.

Last Supper is a collective experience, led by Emma Miriam Berentsen together with a top chef and twelve participants. The meals are the starting point of a conversation about the role of death and mortality in our lives. Imaginative, bold and tasty elucidations that Emma weaves together; your story with those of the strangers sharing your table. Embedded within the Temporary Art Centre’s theme this year - “What a time to be alive” - makes “Last Supper” the perfect moment to talk about death and dying. Join us as one of the participants! Buy your ticket (€70) at Eventbrite (see the links) and send an email to, at the latest three days before you want to join diner, and tell us in this email what your last supper would be. Our chef will interprate your wishes to share with the group. There are in total only 48 seats available during DDW, so don’t wait too long. During the day you can visit “De Kist al in huis” photo series by Saskia Aukema in cooperation with Tot Zover & Watershed at TAC as a part of Watershed’s social literary project : The Season of Death.



Watershed is a literary organisation, based in Eindhoven, that focuses on talent development and literary podia.