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A radically new kind of spatial design made to empower the modern ape.

The Office Jungle

Hannah Sorrell

What do sailing boats, the international space station and chimpanzee sanctuaries have in common? They all look completely unlike offices do. The Office Jungle envisions offices that are designed to be as wild as jungles and as extraordinary as space stations.

Sailing boats, the international space station and chimpanzee sanctuaries are very different kinds of environments, but insofar as they are human-made environments they are all exceptionally “wild”. Wildness is something we normally don’t associate with the human-made, but The Office Jungle poses that wildness can be designed. The suspended geodesic structures of The Office Jungle are wild in the sense that they are not rigid, but move organically and somewhat unpredictably. Moreover, its design doesn’t prioritise one way of using it but rather offers a playful array of interaction possibilities. The Office Jungle can be climbed and trampolined on, but it can also be used to relax and work in. At present The Office Jungle is still only pocket-sized compared to the future environments it envisions; a tiny tool-kit to make your office (or any other indoors) a little wilder. Its ultimate goal would be to make desks and chairs, and even the floors supporting them, redundant, replacing them with space-traversing structures that hover above small indoor forests. Indeed, the question The Office Jungle is trying to answer is not "how to live in an office?", but "how to work in a jungle?"

Studio boing

What is the meaning of life, some people ask. At Studio boing this question has a short and simple answer: boing? Admittedly, we are not sure what to make of that either except that it must inform our making. Why make the world better if it can be made more boing?