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(Archive) Longpi by Tiipoi

Can Craft evolve to offer something relevant to the modern world? —Collaborating on circular, black pottery from India.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Blackened pots cooling — © Tiipoi

Tiipoi is always questioning the meaning and implications of ‘Craft’. What does Craft have to sacrifice to become a mass produced item, and does it then still remain a craft? While exploring this we met the Sasa family – a family of award winning ceramicists from the remote village of Longpi, India.

Working in collaboration with Mathew Sasa, Tiipoi has produced a collection of ceramics that feature cookware as well as serveware. Our design for the collection highlights the localised techniques of the craft process as well as the versatility of the

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Finishing the pot after it's been coiled by hand — © Tiipoi

Mixing crushed Serpentine stone with river clay — © Tiipoi

Firing the pots in an open makeshift bonfire — © Tiipoi

Young Recruits! Ceramicists based out of Longpi