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(Archive) Isola Design District

Unlimited Design – Dutch Edition

This project was part of DDW 2019
Odo by Oikoi

Isola Design District is an event dedicated to forward-looking designers, who yearly showcase their works at Milan Design Week.
Now it's taking place also in Eindhoven, with an exhibition dedicated to projects and installations focused on innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and new materials.

The Isola neighbourhood in Milan has been recently regenerated by new architectures and public parks, but also thanks to an event: Isola Design District. It takes place every year during Milan Design Week, to give visibility to forward-looking designers f

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Ahi! Chair by Federica Corona & Juan Torres — © Federica Corona & Juan Torres

Eternity by Anna Jožová — © Anna Jožová

That's Caffeine by Atticus Durnell — © Izgi Erik

Fossil.iz by Izgi Erik