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a collaborative living space project by Soorty x Living Tailors.REUSE. REDUCE. RELOVE. RECYCLE. REPURPOSE.


Soorty x Living Tailors
Soorty x Living Tailors

The textile industry is a polluting and dangerous one; serving as one of the main reasons of landfills. To work towards MINUS ZERO WASTE and make its impact on our planet a positive one, as Soorty we strive to do our best against this fact.

At Soorty, we are engineers and designers at heart with a need to be restorative and regenerative by design. Design thinking and product development are key points of our responsible production. With conscious consumerism evolving and advancements in technology, the fashion supply chain starts to celebrate a long-awaited aspirational change.
Sustainability is a big journey and collaboration is the name of the game here. Hence we are very incredibly happy, glad and proud to be collaborating with Living Tailors on this beautiful project that aims to create awareness on current global consumption habits by focusing on alternative future scenarios.
SOORTY X LIVING TAILORS PRESENT: THE EMERGENCY GREENHOUSE “The emergency greenhouse was about designing a pragmatic object, the tent to provocate. We would like to emphasize, in the near future, we won’t be able to survive in our lands due to climate change. We refer to the 1970’s global tools and say “we are going back to basics”. We create a post-apocalyptic situation where everybody has to grow his own food. “The tent” is, in fact, a device rather than a shelter. It’s easily movable, adjustable for all climates.




Soorty presents a big case of scale with 70M meters & 40M pieces. Being aware of the fact that we have a big impact on our planet and communities we serve to, we take sustainability and responsible manufacturing as the main driver of all our actions.

We look at circularity not only as zero waste but minus zero waste.

We are engineers and designers at heart with a need to be restorative and regenerative by design.