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Trendtours DDW by International Lifestyle Studies

FONTYS International Lifestyle Studies

Visitors at the Klokgebouw can join daily trend tours hosted by International Lifestyle Studies (ILS) students.

During the trendtours the most innovative designs of DDW exhibitors are linked to the major trends that are currently important in our society. You will get a chance to view the Klokgebouw (inside and outside) through the eyes of a trendwatcher. More information about the trends and how they can be used to create inspirational lifestyle concepts is available in the ILS TrendLab visible on our plot.

FONTYS International Lifestyle Studies

Fontys International Lifestyle Studies (ILS) in Tilburg is a part of Fontys Academy for Creative Industries.
Our students are especially trained in Trend Research and Concept Creation in seven Lifestyle sectors: Food, Living, Appearance, Health, Human movement, Work & Leisure. Concepts developed by our students should improve the quality of life of other people. We want to make the world just a little better!