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Sustainable design: contradictio in terminis?


Materialism - Studio Drift
Ruud Balk

Design is a materialistic phenomenon. And that’s a challenge, as good design today has to be responsible. Hence designers focus more and more on different ways to produce and use assets, like re-using old- or developing new - sustainable - materials.

They experiment with new (or old) production techniques, they play with scenarios for the future, and question practices from the past. The exhibition CIRCULAR> MATERIALISTS. shows how both accomplished labels and starting designers tackle the fundamentally contradictory theme of sustainable design.

CIRCULAR> MATERIALISTS. features Theodora Alfredsdottir & Daniel Durnin for t.e., Maarten Baas x SDK Vastgoed, Théophile Blandet, Matilde Boelhouwer, Chardé Brouwer, Daniel Costa, Les Couleurs Suisse x Rado, Studio Drift, Aleksandra Gaca, Fransje Gimbrère, Sebastian Guzman Olmos & Nils Ahrenberg, Sander Hagelaar, Beer Holthuis, Jeroen Junte, Joshh& Thomas Eurlings, Joshh& Visser & Meijwaard, Jupe by Jackie for t.e., Billie van Katwijk, Dirk vander Kooij, Shahar Livne, Studio MKGK for t.e., Modular, Benjamin Motoc, Studio Nando, Fabio Novembre x Lensvelt, Ontwerpduo, Simone Post, Gerrit Rietveld x Forbo, Baiba Soma, SOM Tales of Perfume, Caterina Tioli, Pauline Wiersema & Thieu Custers, Victoria Yakusha x Faina, Hozan Zangana
Art Direction by: Annemoon Geurts

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KAZERNE - Home of Design

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Discover the meaning of design for the world of tomorrow in this 2.500 m2 hot spot where the worlds of art, technology and design literally coincide with eat, drink, meet and sleep. Get inspired by recent work from influential and promising designers. And since you’re here, try out our Nordic fine dining restaurant, our beautiful hotel or our Italian bar/restaurant; we have everything from coffee to champagne and from a sandwich to oysters.