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Styling & concept: Ceciel Berden



All week at Design Perron | Station

During the Dutch Design Week 2019, Artemis alumni provide visual insight in the most important developments in society and how this is translated into innovative and applicable solutions for product, space and communication issues.

The exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2019 shows what is relevant for the future of food, interior, fashion, media, retail and society in its entirety. There will be presented concepts for products, spaces and communication. Expect a lot of inspiring books, audio-visual effects and photo styling .

The future is our creation.

Ceciel Berden

Schemer (“Twilight”) is a fabric collection based on Vincent van Gogh paintings that can be used as window coverings or room dividers. The way the light hits them is what brings them to life. Just like a painting, the fabric contains several layers of colours. As time passes, the interplay of light and colours brings out the layers one by one.

Danielle van Geer

Merken zijn de nieuwe kerken
What do we have left to support us, with the decreasing sense of community in an age that has seen religion wither and brands gain power? Research shows that non-religious people are more likely to favour strong brands. Brands are taking on the old role of religions. Merken zijn de nieuwe kerken – brands are today’s churches.

Daphne Bijl

Ve(z)elzijdig is geared toward reinvigorating traditional agricultural practices in the Netherlands. In collaboration with local farmers, research has been started into upgrading their waste flow by creating new applications for their refuse. This facilitates the development of a business model that brings about less waste and brings in more money.

Emmy van Heugten

Mooi kut
Over four in ten Dutch people will at some point in their lives be afflicted with a psychological condition. We are so focused on positivity, happiness and self-improvement that we struggle to show intrinsic parts of life, like sadness and hardship. Awareness campaign Mooi Kut is taking a humorous and colourful approach to show that these feelings are normal, with the purpose of increasing recognition and improving openness.

Hugo Loomeyer

Voor de hand
It’s time for us to start using our hands again the way they were intended... to touch or gesture. In short, actual, real contact. The concept “Voor de hand” is a 99% offline hand movement for students. It’s a pro-hand manual that goes hand-in-hand with boosting community spirit. It’s a campaign by ideological advertising organisation SIRE in collaboration with schools, companies and the government.

Julia Lokker

Breek uit je bubbel
The concept “Breek uit je bubbel” (break out of your bubble) takes a humorous look at the dark sides of Instagram. It’s a campaign for mobile operator Ben, including a festival installation at Lowlands. Here, you get a sporting chance to deal with your Instagram troubles. There’s a first-aid kit with six products, accompanying pamphlets with surprising treatments, a campaign poster, social media expressions and a website. Get the treatment before it’s too late.

Lotte Wierenga

Collectors item – een verzameling van verzamelaars
“2019 is the year of decluttering.” A fervent collector, Lotte Wierenga wasn’t so keen on this slogan. Generations like Gen Z and Millenials think a prim and proper house is equal to personal happiness. Fearing the death of the art of collecting, Lotte sought out collectors for her graduation project. She managed to collect 26 of them. They are given a showcase in an annual magazine for classified advertising site Marktplaats. All of them have their stories to tell.