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Laura de Jongh

De Angstfabriek

Undercover in a fake fear factory

All week at Ketelhuisplein | Strijp-S

The Angstfabriek (Factory of Fear) is an immersive theatre experience in which you dive into the world of fear mongering. Go undercover in this 'fake fear factory' and ask yourself: what do have to be afraid of?

In the Angstfabriek (Factory of Fear) a proud manager gives you a warm welcome and gladly shows you all the ins and outs on fear production. This factory develops, tests and perfects the techniques to frighten us and the products that make us feel safe. From fake news to unconventional safety gadgets, this fake fear factory knows exactly how to cleverly respond to our societal fears, like climate change and terrorism. You now have the chance to take a look behind closed doors and decide for yourself what this factory is really about. Because the Angstfabriek has nothing to hide... or does it?

Curious? You can now visit this theatrical experience on the Ketelhuisplein (next to Plug-in City) from the 23rd of August till the 18th of October. Read more about the Angstfabriek and how to buy tickets on
You can experience the Angstfabriek in English on the 29th of August, the 19th of September and the 11th of October.

During the Dutch Design Week (19th of October till the 27th of October), the Angstfabriek will be open for a special sneak peek.

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