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Collaborative design for government, society, media, ethics and justice.

We Are Societal Impact

We Are Societal Impact
Foundation We Are

What is the role of Design in the age of climate change, artificial intelligence and moral vacuum? Foundation We Are presents the position design and its research should take in the Anthropocene.

The design collective Foundation We Are initiated by Austrian designer Bernhard Lenger is releasing its five new programs in the exhibition “we are societal impact” during Dutch Design Week 2019 at their new headquarters in the old Campina milk factory in Eindhoven. The exhibition covers five areas of society in which the collective is taking actions and according to the collective design needs to play a role in the future. Those are Systems of Governance, Culture of Information, Civic Society, Ethics in Technology and Justice in the Anthropocene.

Shown works include a letter to all newly elected members of the European parliament, an investigation on the environmental and human impact of sugar in Nicaragua, an interactive installation researching the usage of ethics in algorithms, a methodology to improve special education for kids and an event on the collaboration between design and journalism.

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Foundation We Are

Foundation We Are is a consulting design agency working together with experts to innovate. They use collaborative design in order to transform social and legal systems. By combining design thinking with expertise, they generate proposals and projects that bring innovation at different societal scales: neighbourhood, city, country and trans-national institutions.