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Peelrandbreuk: at the interface of air and subsurface


Scan-cam small forest, Annabos Uden, Peelrandbreuk
Michiel van Bakel

Interactive video that goes belowground near a fascinating natural phenomenon, the Peelrandbreuk -PeelBoundaryFault.
Visual artist Van Bakel made a pinhole scanner camera and combined the images with point clouds. The surreal recordings show the cultural and natural landscape in a different way.

The starting point for this interactive videoproject stems from the work of eco-hydrologist Jon Mensink. Every day he and his environmental consultancy work to investigate all kinds of "invisible things" under the surface of the earth. The enormous amounts of data that this yields are normally not visible, but essential to be able to develop everything on the surface of the earth; from architecture to environmental management.
Artist Michiel van Bakel conceived the idea of expressing this normally invisible world beneath the surface in a visual way. The slowness of geological processes is depicted and contrasted with the enormous speed of the man-made digital infosphere.
The interactive video made by Van Bakel is a combination of pinhole scanner camera images with point clouds. These are alienating recordings, which allow the viewer to experience the natural landscape in a different way.
The video work starts playing when someone walks by (sonar).
There is a logical structure in the video, which is linked to the distance from the viewer to the screen. From above-ground forest and marsh via iron-colored groundwater and root systems - to the deeper layers of the earth.

As featured in

Michiel Van Bakel & Jon Mensink

Cooperation between visual artist Michiel van Bakel and ecohydrologist Jon Mensink.