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(Archive) Evolution of the Omnivore

A food design experience by THE EATELIER & PIPPENS

This project was part of DDW 2019
Pharmavore - Evolution of the Omnivore — © Lieke Janssen

After the huge success of last year’s design dinners, 28 grams of happiness, food design studio THE EATELIER and chef PIPPENS are teaming up once again. This time, they are experimenting with the diet of the omnivore, mapping evolution in human diets within a rapidly transforming planet.

What effect will the rising temperatures have on the production of common foods? What would happen if we put the invasive species on the menu? Are the tomatoes we can find in the supermarket advanced pieces of technology or still products of natural pr

Climavore - Evolution of the Omnivore — © Lieke Janssen

Technovore - Evolution of the Omnivore — © Lieke Janssen

Chef PIPPENS (Pepijn) & The Eatelier (Katinka) — © Ruud Scheerens

Last year's dinner (28 grams of happiness DDW2018)