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Human Library

Start a conversation with real-life books

Sat 26 oct at Bibliotheek Eindhoven | Central

The Human Library is a concept that brings people in contact with each other in order to examine and counteract prejudice. It offers visitors the opportunity to step into the world of another and gain more understanding of a number of taboos. Simply by starting to talk.

In the Human Library you don't read books, you read people. Interesting people you don't get to speak to in everyday life. Does what we think about people on the outside actually match reality? Guests are ready to tell you their life story. In an open conversation where everything can be asked and discussed.

Dare to meet you prejudice!

The Human Library is a proven concept of Danish origin, which brings people into contact with each other in order to investigate prejudices. Just like in a normal library where books give access to unknown worlds, the Human Library offers visitors the opportunity to step into someone else's life. In a very simple way: by having an open conversation with each other.

The conversations take place 1-on-1 and last 20 to 30 minutes.
You can ask anything, as long as it happens respectfully.
You do not have to register in advance. You choose your 'living book' on the spot.

Present 'books':
Ex detainee
Transgender F -> M
Transgender M -> F
Autoimmune disease
Unintentionally childless
Coma survivor
Woman with autism