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(Archive) Turkey: More Than Kebab

Exhib-EAT-ion & Dining Experience;
An interactive showcase of Turkish design from cityscape to table.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Turkey: More Than Kebab — © Photo: Day Studio, Branding: Keten Design

Turkish culture in the Netherlands is most commonly depicted via Kebab shops. As chefs, designers and architects we want to showcase the dynamism of Turkish design as it touches the very fabric of society and shapes ideas, environments and interactions, both intimate and public.


The event will feature a series of Turkish designers, from established brands, to the developing talent. The works will include pieces from the designers existing repertoire as well as unique prototypes made specifically for this event.

square poster of "Turkey: More Than Kebab" — © Photo: Day Studio, Branding: Keten Design

Dinner Experience — © Photo: Day Studio, Branding: Keten Design

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