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Driving Dutch Design Pitch event '18
Roza Schous

Driving Dutch Design | The Driver | Pitch event

All week at Klokgebouw | Hall 2 | Strijp-S

In the catalyst program Driving Dutch Design (DDD), ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and the Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) help passionate designers to take the next step in their creative entrepreneurship.

Designers are quirky people, passionate and full of ideas. To implement their ideas, many start their own business. However, entrepreneurial qualities are not necessarily a given in a designer’s DNA. Their companies advance their designs but rarely do they benefit the designer. With DDD, ABN AMRO, BNO, and DDF help passionate designers take the next step in their creative entrepreneurship.

Each year, Marsha Simon (BNO) and Katja Lucas (DDF), also on behalf of ABN AMRO, select 20 studios to take part in an intensive professionalization process. These Drivers complete a ten-month program of master classes in financing, business profiling, and operations, presentation and communication. In addition, they work on personal and professional development with an ABN AMRO coach.

In April, the Drivers establish ‘Bureau DDD.’ Within this framework of a temporary partnership, they work towards DDW. There, they present their companies in an exhibition, during the ‘Drivers Pitch Event,’ and with a publication.

Profiting from the initiators’ joint network and knowledge, these designers get to cultivate their business instinct and steer their companies towards sustainable success.

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