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Ilse v den Dungen & Het Persoonlijk Klimaatakkoord
Ilse van den Dungen

Het Persoonlijk Klimaatakkoord/The Personal Climate Agreement

What are your plans for the next 12 years? Will they fit in the maximum kg of CO2? Check it out!

All week at Yksi Expo | Strijp-S

The Personal Climate-agreement is the graduation project of Ilse van den Dungen. She thinks that we all have a responsibility of getting the earth less polluted. The scale makes it tangible and clear to see in which category you can change to live within the maximum kg CO2.

Personal climate agreement assumes a maximum kg of CO2 per person in the Netherlands till 2030. I want to ask everyone to think about their plans of the future 12 years. Which choices you want to make? Maybe you would like to become a parent? or you would like to travel the world? To see if your future choices fit in the maximum kg of CO2 for the next 12 years, there is the scale. The grey block on the right side stands for the maximum kg CO2 for the next 12 years. On the left side you can put the blocks which represents the kg CO2 of your choices. Goal: Your choices should weight less than the maximum kg CO2. Isn’t this the case? Rethink your future. Perhaps change your diet for example?