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Artist impression Nieuwe SchoenenMuseum
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Wanna Walk On Water? @51.435061, 5.502463

All week at Lab-1 | Downtown

During Dutch Design Week the New ShoeMuseum will focus on the meeting point between shoes and future materials. Promoting knowledge and awareness about shoes and sustainability among both the shoe industry and consumers is an important theme within the New ShoeMuseum both during and after DDW.

The Lab is playing a major role in the New ShoeMuseum. It will be an inspiring place where new developments are stimulated and old techniques can be reused. The manufacturing lab will collaborate with various shoe courses such as SintLucas, the René van den Berg Academy and the Dutch Shoe Academy. During DDW, various students show how the shoe making process works.

The program will also consist of a Walk on Water footwear exhibition, workshops and various lectures given by relevant speakers who have earned their spurs as a designer/shoemaker and/or are concerned with making footwear more sustainable.

The main themes are the future of footwear, innovative materials, ecological footprints and the importance of craftmanship. The aim is to establish a connection between the various groups of makers and consumers and to look for answers to current questions concerning sustainable footwear production. In addition to looking and listening, visitors can also get started with making their own sneakers or decorate existing shoes.