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In one-click, you accept 835 privacy policies. It will take hundreds of hours to read all these conditions. So let's do it together!

0.0416 seconds

One Click Book Cover
Julia Janssen

Just a fraction of a second it takes to click ‘agreed’ to a privacy regulation. In 0.0146 seconds, we blindly sign a contract about collecting and using personal data. More often than exception, this click does not permit just one, but hundreds of privacy policies…

Privacy Policies: Legal jargon, written in paradox summations, lengthy sentences, and complicated vocabulary. Yearly, the average internet users click ‘agree’ to 1700 privacy regulations. But besides this ‘active permission,’ this click may have multiple destinations. Companies ally in the so-called Trusted Third Party Hosting Network (TTPHN), to collect and share information, business to business. Permission for one automatically means consent for the others.

The book ‘One Click’ is a collection of 835 privacy policies which are accepted with one-click on ‘got it’ at The book symbolizes the fragile position of the Internet user and emphasizes the lack of control on personal data.

It will take hundreds of hours to read all these conditions. An inhumane difference to the 0.0146 seconds. An inhumane task for a single person to read this all. So let’s do it together.

‘0.0146 seconds’ is a collective read out loud performance in which everybody can participate – An act against the exploitation mechanics of the data economy. For the sake of control over personal information

Studio Julia Janssen

Julia Janssen is Design Researcher, Artist and Lector with a background in Graphic Design. During her graduation (GD ArtEZ Arnhem 2016) she made a statement “We have been enslaved by the data business” and ever since she dedicated her practice to this observation.

Studio Julia Janssen investigates in the social impact of technology: The changing definition of privacy, ownership rights of personal information, the monetary value of data, and the future of (digital) identity.