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Circular building design, social housing and co-creation.Innovative architecture to reconsider. Exhibited in a new unexplored building CircuLab.


Inbo architects and 12N UrbanMatters have been challenged by Woonbedrijf to make 20 circular social houses, using materials from refurbishment and demolition of Woonbedrijf property. What are the solutions? What design strategy is used? How do residents of these social houses experience the choices?

Woonbedrijf (housing association in Eindhoven) put out a major circular challenge: How to design 20 social houses using circular design and co-creation. But… nothing fancy or extravagant. Ordinary social housing, where all kinds of people would like to live.
A team comprising Inbo,12N and Woonbedrijf took on the challenge, in partnership with demolition firms Baetsen and Van Liempd. The first step was rethinking everything they knew about construction. With help of future residents work on designing the project is close to completion, and the houses will be ready to move into in the first half of 2020. The key outcomes, questions and dilemmas are presented here. The exhibition will show the design of the houses, the process of co-creation and monitoring with residents and with demolition companies. Including the open call for prototypes of circular building elements.
The exhibition will be presented at CircuLab, a former chemical bunker. This new Strijp-S venue, not previously open to the public, will be a real gift to all lovers of hidden gems of industrial architecture. After this event, CircuLab will continue in existence as a new venue focusing on circular design and economy.


Inbo architects & 12N Urban Matters

Inbo architects believes in social responsibility in a rapidly changing world to which we have to adapt. Inbo provides a platform for encounters, contributing to social dialogue. Feet on the ground and an open mind looking to a sustainable future.

12N Urban Matters believes that everyone and every stakeholder has something to say and a contribution to make. Successful projects do not occur behind office doors, but in conversation, outdoors, on the streets, in people’s homes and social circles.