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Rethinking the library


SUSLIB, The rethink of the library

A hybrid ecosystem enhancing the experience of navigating, reading and collaborating within a collection of information such as a library of books.

SUSLIB aims to create a collaborative and interactive ecosystem –consisting of digital and physical components–which encourages sharing of (re)sources and increases the output of works of knowledge such as books. This framework manifests as multiple software modules and a series of interactive physical setups. This project is made around two concepts; information accessibility and collaborative culture. The aim is to get away from the conventional and fixated spaces that we traditionally know as libraries and expand the spatial possibilities that make knowledge sharing possible. With SUSLIB, we aim to not only enhance the process of reading, writing and sharing information but to stimulate this process. Creating a sustainable process of information flow within physical spaces such as libraries. We aim to energize the reading experience to a new friendly form. This project brings the flexibility and relativity of information flow in the digital realm to the physical library spaces by introducing what we call Contextual Physical Navigation. Within the scope of our project, a library space would open up the spatial possibilities in favor of more interaction, discussion, and sharing.


SUSLIB is a self-initiated collaborative project between Martijn de Heer and Amir Houieh. Amir and Martijn both graduated from Graphic Design department at KABK in 2016 and are currently based in The Hague. They both work as interaction designers/creative coders and as tutors of these disciplines at ArtEZ (Amir) and KABK (Martijn).