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(Archive) From Peels to Casein

; beyond food, beyond plastic

This project was part of DDW 2019
Cows and the products made with casein bioplastic — © Eunji Jun/ Patrick Grütter

"From peels to casein" is a project made of industrial dairy surplus that is dyed with plant-based food waste.
The project is an attempt to influence our behavior towards using plastics and wasting food by creating an alternative
that will make us reflect on our daily consumption habits.

Food waste comprises things that we produce almost every day, even without noticing it. Its production ranges from huge industrial scales to small domestic scales (i.e. households). A large amount of food produced globally is never being consumed. At the

Food? or Plastic? — © Eunji Jun

Casein bioplastics dyed with food wastes — © Eunji Jun

Milk in a casein bioplastic bowl — © Eunji Jun

Prototypes of casein bioplastic tableware