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To multiply (verb): to increase or cause to increase greatly in number. The result being much more than the sum of the parts.


Sam Berghuis Vormgeving
Photo: Sandra Bergsma

What you see is not just furniture. It is the outcome of a process, the answer to a question: why use new wood, when there is an overwhelming abundance of discarded (ply)wood? The Multiplyer Project is my answer to this question.

As a furniture maker, i love to work with wood. As a human being, i love trees. This raises the question: why do we still cut down trees when there is so much good quality wood being discarded? The Multiplyer project is an ongoing search for new use of old wood: from plywood to table, from floorboard to modular storage, from old door to new office furniture. Design can make a difference and create added value. Design is not just about making an interesting item, it is about another way of thinking, a new way of seeing: waste becomes base material, recycling becomes upcycling, worthless junk becomes valuable furniture. But design is not enough to create real changes: the entire process from start to finish needs te be taken into account. How much energy and materials are used? How much waste is produced? And what to do with the leftovers? Good business means good financial management. Good stewardship means good management of materials, energy and waste. Measuring is knowing!

Sam Berghuis Vormgeving

Sam Berghuis Vormgeving is a one-man furniture workshop, based in Amsterdam. Sam is both designer and maker of furniture, made almost entirely from discarded wood. You could say he is the most expensive garbageman of Amsterdam and surroundings, or the most creative waste processor; it all depends on your point of view.