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(Archive) MORFOZA

light & color out of this world

This project was part of DDW 2019
Morfoza luminaire geometrical pattern

Morfoza is a unique & versatile luminaire which uses the light spectrum to create mesmerizing effects. The lamp metamorphoses: from a minimal monochrome light source into a full burst of colorful dynamic motifs. It invites the viewer to drift away into a realm of otherworldly light and color.

The lamp comes in two sizes and two fixture options: wall fixture and table lamp.
The five available light effects are:
Basic: dimming monochrome effect/Stripes pattern/ 3D iridescent pattern organic/ 3D iridescent pattern geometrical/ Color gradient

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Morfoza wall lamp organic iridescent — © Radu Salcudean

Morfoza iridescent light effects detail — © Ioana Fagadar

Morfoza table lamp stripes — © Ioana Fagadar

Morfoza angular iridescent pattern