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(Archive) Interieurvormgeving - Meubelontwerp - Mechelen (B)

Interior Design OHO-IV – Open Higher Education
Interior, Design & Architecture Thomas More

This project was part of DDW 2019
ontwerp: Sam Kerckaert - foto: Hanne Liekens

The shown pieces of furniture are end- and yearprojects from the students of Thomas More Mechelen (Belgium) – Interior, Design & Architecture – Open Higher Education Interior Design.

The furniture is made starting from a specific concept, individualy designed and realised by the students.
Each piece of furniture has its own story en appearance.

ontwerp: Liselore D'hont - foto: Zoé Komkommer

ontwerp: Kurt Van Abbenyen - foto: Maris Chan

ontwerp: Charlotte Declercq - foto: Jana Van Moer

ontwerp: Emma De Kimpe - foto: Birgitt Surma