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(Archive) Afterlife

Deathclothing from a wearable material that is completely biodegradable created out of leftovers from the food industry and infused with flower seeds.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Photography: Lisa Licht

Our lives take a toll on the environment. What if our last breath could be one of giving back? AfterLife is a new biodegradable material created from food industry leftovers, infused with flowers from which new life grows, creating new nature, thus giving a new meaning to life after death.

A funeral takes its toll on the environment. How beautiful would it be to support nature as we pass on, to give our body back to the earth and help nourish it? To create a moment of passing that is not only emotionally meaningful but also manifests itself

Photography: Melanie Schaap

Photography: Melanie Schaap