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Creatief vakman

Creatief Vakman on the edge!

"Vazig" by Julia Lutgerink — © Foto: Lois Timmermans & Gieke van Bommel

<p>The exhibition “Creatief Vakman” shows the merging of skills of the designer and the craftsman. A Creatief Vakman is neither one of them; he is a lot of both! Young talents provide insight into their experiments and imagination leading to innovative products in the field between design and crafts.</p>

<p>The approach of a Creatief vakman is to design exclusive products for specific persons, events or purposes, mostly unique pieces or small series. Part of the training for Creatief Vakman are "traditional production techniques" belonging

About Consortium Creatief Vakman - SintLucas, HMC, Cibap

This exhibition is an initiative of the "Consortium creatief vakman". Hout- en Meubileringscollege, SintLucas en Cibap offer the vocational training Creatief vakman. Together with de Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten, de Branchevereniging Mode Ambachten en de Nederlandse Hoedenvereniging they founded the “Consortium Creatief Vakman”. The Consortium seeks cooperation with more representatives of the relevant professions to keep the content of the vocational training relevant and future-proof.

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Strijp-S area, Torenallee 80
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