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(Archive) CT DAITY - fashion and dairy in Connecticut

Biomaterial workwear coated with an all natural, biodegradable, water-resistant rubber made from milk - a prominent natural resource in Connecticut

This project was part of DDW 2019
Decellularized Vegetable Apron — © photography: Bronwen Wickstrom

Connecticut used to have a booming dairy industry that has recently suffered a decline due to the rising prices of milk production, insufficient governmental subsidies and a lack of young farmers. In order to find new revenue sources for small farms we asked can milk serve a function in fashion?

In CT DAIRY we created a biodegradable, water resistant, flexible coating from the milk protein - Casein. The material and garments were made in collaboration with a small farm in Connecticut called Shaggy Coos. The milk protein was purified at the bioFAS

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Community dyed, Milk Coated Apron — © photography: Bronwen Wickstrom

Tea dyed, Milk Coated suit — © photography: Bronwen Wickstrom

Milk Coated Apron — © photography: Bronwen Wickstrom

Decellularized Vegetable Necklace