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experimental dinner experience


Laila Snevele

A very special collaboration between food and design. Eating involves all of our senses, so we create an unforgettable sensory journey of atmosphere, vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell, we will take you somewhere no one have been before.

Food and Design together explores our social, ethical and comfort norms. For us, as designers,
 it is an interesting medium to experiment with senses and social norms, to play with the boundaries established. To see where are the limits and to show how much more it can be based on the communication between the guests, they make the event with their interaction.
 We make a connection between eating and design, but also between people. We want to break the borders, surprise, provoke and inspire.


Untamed Dinner & Laila Creative Food

Sensory food designer Laila Snevele explores the perception of food through multisensorial research. What role does color, shape, texture, temperature, sound, mouthfeel and aroma play in our understanding of food? And how can we use these elements to change or elevate our sense of taste? Snevele designs recipes for the brain.