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United Matters
Marion Lasserre

United Matters

Material Explorers, Critical Makers, Creative Catalysts

All week at Veem | Floor 3 | Strijp-S

United Matters are showcasing their respective response to the world of today and tomorrow. Working in the intersections of craft, science, and technology, the designers use diverse approaches to examine how we may live in the future and how we can confront systems of the present.

United Matters is a London based collective comprising of Central Saint Martins graduates from MA Material Futures. We are tinkerers and meddlers, challenging how and why we make. We question the status-quo, confront systems and actively re-imagine the future. Our aim is to use design to unravel complex issues and their implications. In a world overloaded with obscure, confused and entangled information, we believe in design’s potential to engage understanding and provoke action. Our approaches are as diverse as our members - from material innovation to speculative design to absurdist journeys. We work within the boundaries of craft, science and technology.

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