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Bringing sustainability to life

Dungse, the product brand born out of dung — © Studio Carbon

Dungse is a concept of a product brand born out of the problem of piling dung from the 2 million cows in Nederlands. At Dungse, we use the ancient wisdom of dung and its numerous properties to make beautifully designed products for your everyday life.

Across ancient cultures, cow dung is known to have diverse properties that make it a very unique material to work with. It’s textures are known to calm children down, its atoms are known to absorb radiation, its fibers are known to regulate room temperatu

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About Studio Carbon & Studio Lindey Cafsia

Studio Carbon is a Dutch studio with its roots in India. The studio uses systems design to build future ready products, services and narratives that holistically enhance the Quality of Life for its users.

Lindey Cafsia Studio is a Dutch studio using biomimicry and biophyllic design, to build a resilient future thats in sync with nature.

Studio Carbon and Lindey Cafsia Studio have been working together as a design collective to envision a sustainable product brand born out of dung.

Dungse product portfolio

The Dungse experience


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