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(Archive) Biophilica

A plant-based material that is truly local, biodegradable, and recyclable.

This project was part of DDW 2019
Pigmented, coated samples of Biophilica material — © Mira Nameth

Biophilica is the result of a year long material development, working with plant-based resources. It's driven by a wish to reduce the harmful chemicals that surround us – in our homes, offices, in our bodies – to help combat the global material crisis we are all living in and contributing to.

The same natural ethos permeates all explorations of the Biophilica process: material, color, and surface treatments. Mira Nameth has worked with plant, mineral pigments, and pre-plastic varnishes made from plant oils and wood resins. Her vision is materi

Sample tiles of Biophilica material — © Mira Nameth

Biophilica material shaped into a wavy tile — © Mira Nameth

Biophilica rigid & flexible samples plus a joint — © Mira Nameth

Biophilica rigid material exploring textures