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Designed for our current digital era in which increasingly more people spend long hours behind their desks for e-working, learning an more


It's a desk time balancer, stemming from psychological principles of motivation and improvement. Since progress is made by moving regularly between learning zone and performance zone, LUNAR has been designed to facilitate shifting between these zones.

PERFORMANCE ZONE, the lamp rotates unlimitedly and stays in every 30 degrees, with a different color and intensity to help the user boost energy, do tasks and relax! LEARNING ZONE is based on neuro-linguistic programming, the anchoring section, and habits management. Accordingly, the lamp is accompanied with a refillable transparent sphere called Aroma planet. It gets attached to the lamp by the user during the learning process, The released smell by aroma planet can makes an anchor in user’s mind, cause a better focus and a stronger learning habit. The lamp has also a moon mode, which displays learning continuity. It is a physical report of user’s behavior during the learning process. The moon mode has 14 phases in brightness. By every attachment of the aroma planet, one phase gets added to the moon. Hence a complete moon means that, a constant learning is done by the user for the period of at least 14 days. To sum up, the more continuous learning, the more complete moon is shaped.

Zahra Ghiasi

Art University of Isfahan