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Extra festive designs!

SHOW by Studio Erik Stehmann

SHOWPIK by Studio Erik Stehmann

Welcome to the Studio Erik Stehmann Show! This is my 10 year anniversary as a design studio, time to celebrate this with extra festive designs!

In the past 10 years I've discovered that design to me is a form of entertainment. My designs are like physical jokes, meant to bring a feeling of happiness and a smile to it's spectator.

My studio is my most important tool: filled with experiments, jokes and designs it offers a glimpse into my head, as a place to physically store and process all my ideas. It is important to me that I have a place where I can shamelessly act as an idiot, letting go of common regulations and rules to come up with new inventions and designs.

This edition of the Dutch Design Week I present new and especially festive designs to celebrate my anniversary, and I'll show behind the scenes footage of the past 10 years.

SHOWPIK - handmade mirrorball worms
SUPERTRACK - Racetrack shaped pendant lamp

Studio Erik Stehmann

Erik Stehmann explores his rapidly changing fascinations on a daily base, looking for new possibilities and applications of basic techniques and materials.

Whether it starts with a weird sentence, or a frustration about how ugly some products are, it always ends in an innovative project or product meant to make the world a bit more fun.

“I see design as toys for grown-ups, because toys are fun, and having a lot of toys is cool."