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(Archive) New Order of Fashion / Modebelofte: The End is Near

Time for New Beginnings

This project was part of DDW 2019
Cecily Ophelia - ETAKA (OF THE EARTH) — © Arthur Poujois

As if rudely awakened from a collective lucid daydream, some still a bit groggy, others with eyes wide open and ready to face the reckoning, we all know: if ever there were a time, now’s the time to do better. This is the new state of awareness that is shaking up the world of fashion. For good.

The New Order of Fashion team signals a strong activist and action ready attitude among this year’s fashion graduates from the best national and international art and design academies. Woke to the manifold injustices so tightly woven into the status quo,

Cecily Ophelia - ETAKA (OF THE EARTH) — © Arthur Poujois

Andrea Grossi - Welcome to DeusLand — © Cristian Lorenzoni

Pauline de Blonay - << Still You >> — © Daniel Sims

Laura Krarup Frandsen - This Is Not Waste