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Cindy Valdez


All week at Studio van der Zandt | Hallenweg

Local clay was made more pliable for 3D printing by adding biomaterial. This enables the development of complex geometrical ceramic elements, wich can be used indoors and outdoors and may serve as a link between architecture and clay construction, an interplay of traditional craftmanship and digital

Barros is a Spanish word which means clay in Spanish and clay was one of my first toys during my childhood. I was born in a small village in Peru and spent the first four years in my grandparent┬┤s house. This house was a mud house. When I touched the material, it immediately reminded me of the exposed walls of clay from my grandparent┬┤s house.

The time I was experimenting with the clay has inspired me to present my project "Barros". The aim of this work was to develop 3D printed modules of natural clay mixed with biomaterial ( Aloe ) as a natural additive for the clay mass, which can be used as an architectural element in indoor and outdoor areas.

My job is between classic craftsmanship and digital innovation. On the one hand the processing of clay, a traditional craft material that has existed since the beginning of humanity, and on the other hand a machine with high technology of our time in the form of a 3D printer. Through the idea of ÔÇ×open sourceÔÇť thinking, I can make my own tool for my work, like the traditional craftsman.

My work tries to show that it is possible to create something new with this cooperative work between the digital and the traditional.