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Immersive Journalism: From news reporting to news experiences.

All week at Veem | Floor 9 | Strijp-S

In their research designers Jim Brady and Ward Goes investigate Immersive journalism; a type of journalism that relies on ‘experience’ rather than ‘report’. Its premise: VR news reporting allows audiences to immerse in news events themselves, thus changing the approach to objectivity and empathy.

The designers critically examine the premise of immersive journalism and speculate on future applications of virtual reality technologies in the news industry. Based on their research in collaboration with Eindhoven based partners Tu/e Innovation Space, MU Artspace and Effenaar Brady and Goes present their perspective on immersive journalism during Dutch Design Week 2019

The interactive installation that will be on show will introduce the audience to this relatively new way of news dissemination and highlights its possibilities and pitfalls. The Installation houses three virtual experiences that present different perspectives to virtual reality technologies. The explorative, playful and theatrical character of these experiences invites the audience to interact with news in very different ways.

Ward Goes