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The sensory helmet holding 5-units.
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Introducing Fluid Conduction Sound Transmission technology.

All week at Klokgebouw | Hall 3 | Strijp-S By Rocco Giovannoni

A patent-pending audio technology availing of fluids as sound media. It generates a unique immersive surround experience and gives richness and vibrotactile feedback to the low-end. Bypassing the outer and middle ear, it also offers hi-fi solutions to people with hearing loss.

Bone conduction has recently become popular thanks to devices which let the user hear outer sounds while listening to music, at the expense of sound quality. I believe these are wasting an opportunity for a technology that has the potential of improving the music quality of common earphones and headphones which are limited by the physical nature of air as a sound medium. Inmergo™ aims to unravel the undiscovered potential of bone conduction by delivering innovative and inclusive sound experiences. The result is an optimised unit which is expounded in a 2 units headphones concept and a 5 units sensory helmet. These were assessed thanks to quantitative acoustic analysis and qualitative tests and surveys donating wonder, joy and relaxation to more than 20 subjects including a deaf person with a unilateral cochlear implant. She defined the ultrasonic gel version as one of the best listening experiences of her life. This was only possible thanks to the help and support from experts within different fields and institutions such as Imperial College, Action on Hearing Loss, NHS, UCL Ear Institute and Goldsmiths College's Music Mind and Brain.

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Rocco Giovannoni

Rocco Giovannoni is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, MA Design Products.

His work revolves on the intersection between music and design, seeking innovative experiences and interactions.

His work range a multidisciplinary framework from product to web and digital interactions interconnected to material studies and craft.