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(Archive) Inmergo

Introducing Fluid Conduction Sound Transmission technology.

This project was part of DDW 2019
The sensory helmet holding 5-units. — © Ph: Nicola Tree

A patent-pending audio technology availing of fluids as sound media. It generates a unique immersive surround experience and gives richness and vibrotactile feedback to the low-end. Bypassing the outer and middle ear, it also offers hi-fi solutions to people with hearing loss.

Bone conduction has recently become popular thanks to devices which let the user hear outer sounds while listening to music, at the expense of sound quality. I believe these are wasting an opportunity for a technology that has the potential of improvin

The visor emulates seeing underwater. — © Ph: Nicola Tree

Inmergo™ technology exploded and its applications.

Profile of the helmet with removable visor. — © Ph: Nicola Tree

Gel can offer Hi-Fi solutions to hearing loss.