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Graduation Show 2019

Remco van Bladel

The Design Academy Eindhoven’s 2019 Graduation Show will continue for its second year at the historic Campina Milk Factory, following on from last year’s successful move outside of the Academy.

The Design Academy is known for its global relevance and influence into the broadest reaches of the design field. The Graduation Show, which takes place annually during Dutch Design Week, is a focal point in setting the school’s agenda. This year, the iconic factory setting becomes the background for yet another radical turning point in the show’s history. Traversing the boundaries between the four Master’s and eight Bachelor’s departments, a new curatorial strategy will continue to question and revisit how designers present their work, sparking debate about our collective positioning within the field.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is one of the world’s leading design schools. The academy trains designers that proceed to make their mark on the future and has done so for over 70 years. It is recognised for its forward-thinking and renowned professors and alumni, who have made great advances in the design field.