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Ten roaring years of art and design: works by Paul Heijnen Studio.

PH:X - Paul Heijnen Studio.

Cnstr Cabinet - 2009.
Paul Heijnen Studio

10 years Paul Heijnen Studio.

The PH:X exhibition shows a unique overview of highlights from the collection of Paul Heijnen Studio, made during the past decade. Collectors, museums and institutes made it possible to bring together a number of limited editions and one-offs in the heart of Sectie-C, where Paul Heijnen started his studio ten years ago. This collection shows the evolution of his work and connects what has been to what is yet to come.


Paul Heijnen Studio.

Concerned with investigation, experimentation & construction techniques, Paul Heijnen Studio creates, bespoke pieces, interiors and architectural work for the steadily growing collection as well as custom orders for private clients.