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Social label Lab I Werkwarenhuis nomineer DDA 2019
Rene van der Hulst

Social label movement / Collection & Community


All week at Piet Hein Eek | Strijp T+R

Social label x designers x workshops In collaboration with leading designers and sheltered workshops all across the Netherlands – from care organisations to businesses – we are creating a design collection that builds a sense of self-worth and opens new perspectives.

We are a platform for designing labour to create new opportunities and demonstrate what meaningful design can do to create an inclusive society with enjoyable work for all. Social label Collection & Community Expo with designers: Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña (Studio Ilse Londen), Piet Hein Eek, Dick van Hoff (Van Hoff Ontwerp), Edwin Vollebergh (Studio Boot), Borre Akkersdijk (ByBorre), Kiki van Eijk, Kranen/Gille, Joost van Bleiswijk, Studio Rens, Haiko Meijer (Onix Architects) , Roderick Vos, Edward van Vliet, Rianne Makkink (Makking Bey), Petra Janssen (studio Boot) & Simone Kramer (C-Mone) Presentation New label Sunday 20 October Social label>WAS designer Rianne Makkink & Ik wil meedoen (SMO Breda) Live workshops (every day) location: factory of Piet Hein Eek VEEMGEBOUW Expo Dutch Design Award Social Label Lab & Werkwarenhuis nomination Habitat
DDA winner best client 2018. Nominatie DDA Habitat 2019 Opening Social label Lab by queen Maxima (may 2018) in the Werkwarenhuis at Tramkade Den Bosch. The place for experiments in social innovation designlab/shop. Social label Works’ (may 2019) is the title of the book we have made for designers,policy makers, academics and educational