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Building with trees


Birdsview Biobasecamp
Studio Marco Vermeulen

Biobasecamp is a pavilion and architectural expression of how "building with trees" can contribute to the reduction of CO2 and the reduction of nitrogen by replacing conventional building materials such as concrete with biobased materials.

The deck is composed of large modular floorboards made of cross laminated timber. After the Dutch Design Week, these can then be reused. The CLT used is produced in a German factory from German softwood. Ideally it would have been produced in the Netherlands. By creating more economic value for wood, more forests can also be planted. The Dutch building assignment can in this way contribute to combating climate change and the quality of the Dutch landscape. This may also apply to the Brabant poplar landscape that originated from the production of clogs and matches. That is why the deck is supported by branches of poplars form the vicinity of Eindhoven.

The Biobasecamp generates a starting point of exploration for designers and clients towards the possibilities that this "concrete of the future" offers. May this pavilion similarly mark the possible turning point for a new era.

Founding partners: Studio Marco Vermeulen, Derix, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Floriade, Arup, Dutch Design Foundation.


Studio Marco Vermeulen

Studio Marco Vermeulen is a design agency for architecture, urban design, landscape and design research. This agency has designed the Biesbosch Museum and won various national and international prizes (including the Architizer Award and the Dutch Design Award). Studio Marco Vermeulen has developed visions for Greentech Park One in Boxtel, Work Landscape Ekkersrijt, Brabantstad 2040 and is the founder of The Genius Landscape (Brainport).